Beat the Street 2017

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 In the coming days, your child will receive an envelope containing a fob, a registration card and further information on how to become involved in the Beat the Street health initiative 2017. You may remember that HPS took part in this campaign last year and finished 7th place overall! The aim of 'Beat The Street' is to get more families to exercise. The activity requires us to tap a fob or card on the monitors attached to various lampposts in the local area and further afield. Each time this is done points are earned.By collecting points we may even win prizes for our school. We can also track what position we are on the NI Leaderboard! The initiative runs from Wednesday 13 September until 1st November 2017. Holywood Library and Tesco Knocknagoney also have registration cards. Please pass them on to grandparents and friends. By registering Holywood PS as the chosen team everyone will earn even more points for HPS. There is a daily update on the Leader board. We hope everyone will enjoy having fun when out walking, cycling or running with friends and family. Please click the link below to get more information.

Many thanks. 

Posted on September 8, 2017 .