Holywood Primary School

About Us

On behalf of the children, staff and Governors I’d like to welcome you to Holywood Primary School. The life of the school is driven by enthusiasm and a desire to achieve. We aim to bring learning alive, making it exciting and stimulating.

The school promotes the values and beliefs of respect, perseverance, teamwork, self-discipline, giving, compassion, honesty and responsibility. The children are encouraged to display these values in school on a daily basis and to act as our ambassadors while outside the school premises.

We are a school that likes to celebrate success at every level. Each child is encouraged to achieve their personal best and achievement is celebrated through weekly assemblies, displays of pupils’ work, end-of-year Achievement Assembly and other events attended by parents and friends.

We want to give our children a thirst for learning that continues with them throughout their future school experiences and lives. An essential ingredient for this to happen is teamwork. We view educa-tion as a joint venture, involving everyone – children, parents, staff, Governors and the wider community. We hope that together in this partnership we can provide the best for every child.

We are confident that with a talented team of both teaching and non-teaching staff we can provide a smooth transition for any child joining the school and strive to meet the needs of all.

The skills, attitudes and knowledge acquired at Holywood Primary will enable each pupil to work towards their individual goals in post-primary education and beyond. The most recent Inspection by DENI reported many strengths of the school concluding that the

'quality of education provided is very good. The school is meeting very effectively the educational and pastoral needs of the learners.’

Mrs D Crookshanks