HPS Book -First Edition


What a lovely surprise, when one of our P5 pupils Daniel, (Dan), presented me with a very special book. Dan also signed his book….every great author does!

The book is all about Holywood Primary School. Dan's family have had a long association with HPS. He has been working very hard for a number of months gathering information about our school. I enjoyed spending time with Dan and his mum to recall some facts about our school. He took some wonderful photographs too. Over the summer, with a little bit of help from his mum, Dan spent time collating all the information to produce a fabulous account of the history of Holywood Primary School and what our school looks likes now.

It will be one book that I (and the school) will treasure for many years to come. THANK YOU DAN. WE ALL LOVE YOUR BOOK VERY MUCH! What Dan has taken time to create, helps show from a child’s perspective what a special school we have and that’s because of all the wonderful people who belong to it!



Posted on September 5, 2017 .