Eco-Schools Bring a Bag Week

This week is Bring a Bag Week. The aim is help pupils minimise their usage of single use carrier bags and raise awareness of the Carrier Bag Levy coming into place for Northern Ireland from the 8th April 2013.

In Northern Ireland we use around 250 million carrier bags a year, that’s too many!

During the week 4th March to 8th March the Eco-Schools Bring a Bag Week campaign will encourage a change in attitude within pupils who will take the message home and into the wider community.

Reusing carrier bags has a positive impact on saving energy, reduces the impact on landfill, saves natural resources and saves money, as the majority of single use carrier bags will cost 5p each from 8th April 2013.

Some tips to get started:

  • Keep a bag tucked in your school bag, handbag, or jacket pocket 
  • Perhaps set reusable bags near your front door as a reminder 
  • Set up a used bag dispenser in classrooms to encourage re-use.
Posted on March 7, 2013 .