Are you doing your bit to make it safer outside our school?

In February there have been some unfortunate traffic incidents outside our school. When bringing your children to school, please observe these simple rules.

 Don't drive into the school grounds. No vehicles, except those with prior agreement with the school, are permitted inside school grounds.

 Don't block driveways, entrances or access roads.

 Don't stop in the middle of the road to drop your children off, even for a few seconds.

 Don't stand in front of school gates - stand either side of the gates to allow safe passage for authorised vehicles that are entering the grounds slowly. 

Keep your speed low. At the entrance gates and inside school grounds it is vital that drivers adhere to the speed limit of 5 mph. On the roads outside school, the maxmimum speed is 30 mph.

Give the right of way to pedestrians at all times.

Let children out of your vehicle onto the pavement - not the road.

Check for pedestrians and cyclists before opening your car door.

Always stop for the school crossing patrol.

Keep dogs on a lead and under control.

Set a good example to other drivers and your children; they will learn from you.

Park further away from the school to reduce the congestion around the school.

By parking a little further away you can start to practice road safety skills with your children.


Each one of us has a responsibility to care for the HPS community. Thank you in advance for supporting our road safety strategy, which has been endorsed by the SEELB and PSNI.


Posted on March 7, 2013 .