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P1 RM 2 Royal Wedding Assembly

We all had fantastic fun taking part in our 'Celebration Assembly'

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P5 Assembly

Thanks to Mrs Brown's class for taking Assembly. Their 'introduction' included some  conundrums! They went on to retell the story of the Prodigal son (AKA Brodie!).The message for everyone was that no matter how hard it might be, saying sorry and meaning it, is the best thing to do. Well done to all the boys and girls. They did so well as there were many speaking parts in the Assembly! Click on the picture below to see some more.

A special mention to Mrs Stewart and Mrs McCartney who accompanied the singing today on their guitars. They were great too!


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P3 Room 7 Assembly

WELL DONE P3. Mrs Curran & Mrs Heawood's class treated us to a wonderful Assembly all about books. They told us about different books we can read for example  story books, comics, sports and poetry books. Their top ten best seller list   featured well known authors  Mrs Gibson, Mrs Wallace, Miss McKeown, Mrs Maher and Mrs Crookshanks! The children  also told us about the Bible being in the world  top ten best seller list. Everyone enjoyed the Assembly and commented at how clearly the boys and girls spoke too.



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Being creative assembly

Being Creative was the theme for Miss Riddell's class Assembly. 

We saw and heard about how the boys and girls are creative. They also explained the story of Creation. Well done P7.

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P2 Room 8 - getting lost

Room 8 took assembly this week. They told a story about a boy named Tom who had lost his pet rabbit.  Tom asked for help from safe adults and was able to find his rabbit again. Room 8 told everyone some important rules to remember if they ever get lost and acted out a story of a girl getting lost in the supermarket and the Parable of the lost sheep. They really enjoyed reciting their poem and acting on stage.

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