Bangor Cares Football Tournament

Today Holywood participated in the Bangor Cares Football Tournament at Bangor Fuels Arena. Holywood entered two teams, fielding 20 boys and girls across P6 and P7 in what was a super day for some sports fun in the sun.

The teams played some fantastic football showing great teamwork, work ethic and displayed some individual moments of brilliance leading to some terrific goals. Both teams registered 2 wins and 2 losses respectively in what was a fantastic afternoon of football.

Many thanks to all the parent helpers for providing transport and for staying to cheer the boys and girls on!


Holywood A - Grange Park A: 0-1 (L)

Holywood B - Holywood A: 0-2

Holywood B - Grange Park B: 1-0 (W)

Holywood A - Grange Park B: 0-1 (L)

Holywood B - Sullivan: 1-0 (W)

Holywood B - Grange Park A: 0-2 (L)

Holywood A - Sullivan : 4-0 (W)

Posted on September 25, 2019 and filed under Sports.