Pupils of the Term

We were really delighted to be able to congratulate  a number of children who were presented with prizes for being Pupils of the Term!Well done boys and girls.


 Hannah & Kate(P5 & P3)

Well done to sisters, Hannah & Kate. Without being asked they regularly help to tidy up after dinnertime in the Dining Hall.

Ollie P4

Well done to Ollie. He has been a real gentleman. Ollie stood back at the school gate to let Miss Armstrong go before him.

Leah and Tate P1

These two pupils were so kind and caring when they noticed another pupil was upset. THANKYOU!

Eva P6

Eva is a very polite and mannerly girl both in class and when out in the playground.

Kathryn P7

A number of teachers have commented about how hard working and well behaved Kathryn is during all afternoon classes that she goes to each week. Well done Kathryn!

Posted on March 23, 2018 .