Pupils of Term 1 2018


Well done to a number of pupils who have shown acts of kindness which were noted by various members of staff and visitors to the school.

Damaris (P7) & Deborah Agnes (P3)

Both girls offered to help clean up a spillage in the Dining Hall without being asked.

Super sister team work!

Millar P3

Well done to Millar for being so honest. Millar found money and handed it in to a teacher.

Good boy!

James P6

Each week in Art Club, James is an enthusiastic and inspiring member. Thanks James!

Bryn P7

Bryn for being patient and always giving a helping hand to other pupils, including them in activities in the classroom and outside in the playground.

Adam P6

Adam was so helpful. He took time to check that all the computers were ‘shut down’ after ICT Club without being asked.

Bronagh P4

Thank you Bronagh for pushing in all the chairs for Miss Armstrong. What a great helper!

Thomas P5

Thomas was extremely helpful when Mrs Heawood hurt herself. Mrs Heawood really appreciated what he did for her.

Matthew P6

Matthew is a very mannerly boy. This was noted at our recent Carol Service and also commented on by visitors who attended our Open Day and the P1-P3 Christmas mornings. Well done Matthew!

Posted on December 19, 2018 .