Sharing a special Harvest Assembly

The school Assembly Hall was packed with boys, girls and members of staff to welcome Mr McNeice to our Harvest Assembly. The stage area was filled with groceries that families had kindly donated.We thoroughly enjoyed our first Assembly together this year with the children from each P1-P7 class. We all had the opportunity to sing We Plough the Fields, Thankyou for Everything, It takes an Almighty Hand, and Every Blade of Grass. The choir had prepared a great piece for the school to listen to, Harvest Samba.We were also treated to some of our instrumentalists(pupils and teachers!) playing too.

Mr McNeice spoke to the boys and girls. His two assistants Ethan and Carter helped him with his talk about all the wonderful things that can be created.At the end of school, Miss Riddell, with the help of P7 boys and girls, packed all the items into Miss Riddell's car and she took them to StoreHouse. They will distribute them to many families in the North Down area. THANKYOU so much for all the donations mums, dads and grandparents.

As well as looking at the lovely photos below please click here to hear us singing a song from the Assembly!



Posted on October 9, 2014 .