Sumdog Success!

We were delighted to hear that a number of our pupils had come in the Top 30 in the recent contest that all SEELB schools were invited to get involved in.

Very well done to:-

1st Matthew Keown (P6)

2nd Scott Wyatt (P4)

3rd Ethan Cheshire (P4)

4th Chloe Hanna (P4)

8th Patrick Hughes (P4)

14th Lily Cao (P6)

20th Eva Cheshire (P6)

22nd Rachel Sweeney (P6)

The Sumdog website is a secure website being used by SEELB for a maths competition. Some of the children have been provided with their own username and password at the back of their homework diary so they can play the maths games on the Sumdog website in school and at home.

Posted on May 14, 2013 .