P1-P4 Bike-It Brunch on 2nd February 2012

We had a great day. Please enjoy looking at some of our photographs below.


We all had a great day on Thursday 2nd February as we took part in the Bike-it Day. We all remembered to wear our helmets and some of them were very colourful. Policeman Chris talked to us about cycling safely.  We all need a helmet, good brakes, a bell and lights if we go out at night. We could see the reflective strips on his jacket. He said to check our bikes now and then to make sure they were safe and working properly. Then we rode our bikes and scooters all the way round to the big playground.
Many thanks to...
  • Pamela & Jackie from BikeIt
  • PSNI
  • The P1- P4 Teachers and Classroom Assistants
  • The boys and girls in P1 - P4
  • All the parents, grandparents and childminders who helped to make the day so special! 
Posted on February 14, 2012 .